It’s easy to appreciate the novelty of a renovated building, but what you might not realize is how much work goes into the construction process. Techniques may vary slightly by location, building age and other factors, but here are 7 construction techniques that are necessary for any building renovation or development.


Laborers skilled in the art of masonry are key for building the foundation, as well as other parts of a project. They use materials like brick, stone, concrete block and adobe. With quality workers and material, the final project is known to be highly durable.


Framing is like a building’s skeleton. When renovating an existing property, framing is vital for creating the perfect floor plan. Because of industrialization and mass transportation, standard materials can be easily used around the globe. The building’s frame allows you to start picturing individual rooms and floors.


An HVAC system heats, cools and ventilates in a building. The kind of unit used will depend on the type of building being constructed.


Plumbing is an essential part of any building. Before the project begins, plumbers familiarize themselves with the local codes. They’re then responsible for installing drain and vent lines throughout the building, and also running all the supply lines and hooking up toilets, showers and sinks.


When completely redoing an building’s electrical circuit, electricians work diligently to provide safe and reliable electricity throughout the building. The job requires skill and extensive safety knowledge.

Dry Walling

Most modern buildings have drywall that’s made of gypsum board, plywood, or fibre-and-pulp boards. Some accent walls with brick or stone may require more of a mason’s touch.

Professionals who specialize in these techniques complete the basic, necessary foundation of a building. Many work closely with an interior design specialist to create the perfect space for a buyer or tenant.

At East River Partners, we’re especially focused on the finish quality of our homes. We include top-of-the line appliances, flooring and materials to meet high expectations. Additionally, we preserve as much history as we can while still providing a modern, comforting living space.

Our buildings’ facades are often restored and exposed brick can be found in some of our condos. We ensure that the building design is optimal for light exposure, storage and everyday living. Each project is unique, but the high-quality work is something that can be found in all our buildings.